Table-formatted Data Sources

In the course of research I have had cause to digitize various data sources, not all of which ultimately become useful for my purposes. Below are data files that might be useful to others. Most Excel files include a readme worksheet with details on data collection and coding choices.

European Diocesan Seats: from Cheney, David M. 1996. “The Hierarchy of the Catholic Church.”

Hanse Membership: from Pagel, Karl. 1991. Die Hanse. Köln : Gesellschaft für Literatur und Bildung.

Hanse Membership: from Dollinger, Philippe. 1970. The German Hansa. Translated by D.S. Ault and S.H. Steinberg. Stanford, Calif: Stanford University Press.

Saint Shrines in Pre-Modern Germany: from Rothkrug, Lionel. 1980. “Religious Practices and Collective Perceptions: Hidden Homologies in the Renaissance and Reformation.” Historical Reflections/Reflexions Historiques 7 (1).

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